Cerco was born in 2007 in order to meet the needs of the construction market through the execution of several engineering projects of both public and private infrastructure, civil works, road works, urbanization and mechanical montages. We look for excellence in our work, our clients’ satisfaction and the safety of our employees due to we believe in fulfilling themselves as a human being through their work.

We are B!

We are the leaders of a global movement called B Corporations or fifth sector of the economy, due to CERCO redefines the sense of the success in the businesses changing the market paradigm and aspiring to create organizations that “are the best ones FOR the world and not OF the world”.

  • 07
  • Oct
  • 2013

FIIS Festival

The FIIS Festival is coming with EVERYTHING!!!Thanks to Sistema B, Socialab, the ASECH, Avonni, Ashoka, Docs for Change, Star..

  • 09
  • Sep
  • 2013

B Companies: Worry for natural resources and social development problems.

We met Rodrigo, Even though he was scentenced for robery, he found a decent work in one of these companies.

  • 27
  • May
  • 2013

The option B in the market

From the back to the front: César Riffo, Gonzalo Muñoz, Bart Houlahan, Claudia Martínez, Ricardo Abramovay, Yolanda Kaka..


Operer Presure Rise

Civil mecanic electrocompresure setup
Client: Gasandes
Duration: 3months

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Operer Presure Rise

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Rainwater dissipators, Quebrada el Manzano Piedra Roja

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Industrial center Robert Simpson

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Civil mechanical montage concentrated filters

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Sewage system Lampa Poniente

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Hours/Man without accidents:
Our goal:
1.000.000 hrs.